Video: Watch Me on Fox Carolina!

Look, Mom! I’m on TV!

Here it is folks! My news interview with Fox Carolina on November 5th, 2014. A huge thanks to Diana Watson, the Fox team, and Dr. Mitch Wolin for putting this together and helping to bring more awareness about this condition!

PLEASE SHARE! You never know who else is “in the dark” with this condition, not even knowing there’s a name for it. Many who suffer with it are embarrassed to talk about it, especially if medical professionals have not read the research, or worse, have told them to seek psychiatric help. Finding out they’re not alone and that there is hope could mean the world to someone you love.

(Psst! For a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at this interview, read this article here.)


  1. Tony Connelly says:

    I really appreciate your raising awareness for this. You have done an excellent job conveying your experience. The static does look like that.

    After suffering a severe adverse reaction to an SSRI antidepressant 8 years ago, I have had this condition since. It can be better or worse but it has never fully gone away. I also have lost my night vision and after images can last much longer than before. I believe this condition is from brain damage and not related to the eye itself.

  2. Rachel,31,UK says:

    I’ve always had VS ever since I can remember. I don’t know if i get it when it’s darker or it its just more noticeable against the dark background. I get dots that tend to move randomly, just like TV snow. I always thought that it was my eyes trying to make sense of my surroundings in low light. I thought this was normal until my Mum and other half told me they do not get it. I do get migraines with lots of blurred vision, these have really reduced as I have got older.
    I also find my eyes are very sensitive to light and I will get dark circular echoes after looking at anything white on a bright day, ie paper.
    Some times I can ignore the snow other times it makes it difficult for me to sleep.

    I would really like to help to further our knowledge on this and would like to volutenteer for any studies.

    It’s great to have sites like these. I finally know what is wrong with me. Thank you.

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