We are Dinosaur Trainers

Update! So, our family dino photo has made its way over the world-wide-internets and has been featured in an article by Women’s Day Magazine titled “40 Best Family Halloween Costumes Ever!” HOW.COOL.IS.THAT!?!? So, we’re like famous now. We can hardly leave the house anymore. And that’s why I live in loungewear. And eat bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the closet. I have no other options.

Happy Halloween! Our night went something like this: hubby took the dinosaurs for a walk around the neighborhood, bearing orange pumpkin buckets, and receiving oodles of candy from strangers. I dressed up as a witch (I know, such a stretch…) and scared the crap out of every ghoul and goblin that walked up to my porch.

Giant spider. Fishing line. Strung overhead and then down into my palm. Muahahahaha!!!!

Afterwards, we were invited to a costume party. Since our minions were the rawring, toothy T-Rex duo, naturally that made us their inept “trainers.” My sides are still hurting from laughter. Here is the photographic proof for your viewing enjoyment. We had way too much fun!

This entire charade is extremely close to Vest Household daily reality. But don’t tell anyone. If you would like to turn your little people into dinos this halloween, find these adorable dinosaur costumes here.



(PS: If you noticed that my boots are adorbz, but my calves are way too microscopic for them, yep. Ding ding! Such is my flappy-boot-plight. Read more about that Here.)


  1. Mom says:

    How wonderful 🙂 !

  2. Dencha says:

    you all look amazing 🙂 xoxo

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  5. Andre Walker says:

    Fantastic Guys … Love it!!!

  6. Jodie says:

    How did you make your shirts for you and your husband?

    1. Jackie says:

      I simply slashed some holes in white shirts and wore red shirts underneath!

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  9. Morgan says:

    I have two boys that love dinosaurs and absolutely love your dinosaur costumes. Can you tell us where we can find them?

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