DIY Family Moana Movie Costumes

It’s officially October 1st and we are finally free to un-contain our excitement! EEEK!

So, if you know the Vest family, you know we are a bit obsessed with the Disney Movie Moana. Like, we quote it, watch it, sing along to the soundtrack (which I may or may not have purchased with my own birthday money), and “YOU’RE WELCOME” to just about everything. We head up to the mountains on our weekly adventures with the sun roof open, windows down, shamelessly belting, “AWAY, AWAY!!” But more than just loving the cute and colorful movie, we are inspired by the stories and culture of the Polynesian people. I commend Disney for doing a fantastic job of creating something authentic and fun which the islanders have said would make their ancestors proud. Bravo.

This leads me to the obvious Halloween costume announcement: We are DIY Moana! My hubby is sporting a freshly sharpie’d body-builder suit and rockstar wig (I heart his wig), I am in a modified girl’s Moana get-up, and the boys are in their most fitting roles as the crazy Kakamora coconuts (made from water heater trays).

Maui, Moana, and our crazy Kakamora



Six sharpies have given their lives for that body suit. Those tattoos are as close to the real Maui as my amateur sharpie skills will allow. Whatever didn’t work out like I’d hoped, I just scribbled in. #lottascribbling

Maui Man

Oh, and did you notice the LEGIT Maui Fish Hook? When I suggested the toy light-up version at Target I got a most dirty look from the hubs. Several trips to Home Depot and some sanding, gluing, and brown sharpie-ing later, and here you have this massive prop. I have seen actual drool from neighborhood children. Not to mention the biggest grin I’ve seen on my husband’s face in our 13 years. No one tell him it’s pretend.

Whaddya say, little buddy?
Giant hawk?!
I am (sort of) Moana!

Now to find excuses to sport our costumes as much as possible for the next 30 days without seeming like we have no life… too late?

Want to create these costumes and props for your own crazy clan?
Find out how I created these through my tutorials below!

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    Hi! Where did you get the body suit for the Maui costume? The link wont work for me! Everyone looks great!

    1. Jackie says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ll take a look at the link – sorry! I got the body suit here:

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