About Me

Content Writer, Blogger, Wife, Mother of two Wonderful Minions…er, Children.

I write about our adventures in hindsight hilarity.

I love God.

I dabble in fitness.

I compensate for my dabbling by gorging myself in delectable things from scratch.

I tinker in crafts.

I hike.

I camp.

I’m obsessed with good coffee.

And chocolate. Chocolate everything…


  1. Alexander says:

    Its Alexander from the VS group. I find your blog great. I am ćonfident a ćure awaits us soon.

    Regards from Slovenia,

  2. Michelle says:


    Came across your page by accident. It’s s relief to read real life stories about VS cause it’s exactly what I see including the palnopsia etc. Like yourself my doctor looked at me like I was wacky so I asked her to do a little research on VS and heard nothing back (not surprised lol) please let me know if you have any advise:)

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